You and Money:

It's Complicated.

If you are struggling to understand your behavior with money, are interested in deepening your awareness of this topic and are looking for practical tools to help you explore this area; this course is made just for you. We want to commend you on mustering the courage to look at this area, knowing how uncomfortable and stressful it can be. Yet, areas that are unexamined in our lives take control of us, and this course is just one step in helping you take that control back.

Money is a complex issue.

Because money is such a social taboo, it prevented many of us to have a proper understanding of this vital area of our lives.

We all know that we need to save, invest and budget, yet very few of us actually do. When it comes to how we behave with money, rational thinking is out of the window. This is why it is important to address how we feel and think about money outside the context of the practical pieces of it.

In doing so, we can have more awareness of why our financial situation is the way it is. Regardless, where you fall on the spectrum of net worth, we can all benefit from examining the emotions and thoughts that heavily influence the behaviors we have with money.

Dr. Alex Melkumian

Dr. Alex is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and founder of Financial Psychology Center in Los Angeles, California. He is devoted to helping clients improve their financial and mental health by uncovering patterns in their relationship with money that keep them stuck and suffering.

He provides clients with practical and therapeutic tools to help heal their financial anxiety and address maladaptive behaviors rooted in financial fear.

Specifically he has worked with athletes to improve their financial wellness and overall performance. As athletes train with a singularity of focus to excel in their field, they often experience stress in other areas of their lives such as finances. This financial stress can unknowingly impact performance and interfere with goal setting and training.

Financial psychology is the intersection of financial literacy, emotional awareness, financial beliefs and cultural factors. Hence, helping clients understand how those factors interplay revitalizes client’s emotional and financial health. 

Aseel El-baba

Aseel spent that last 10 years working for 4 out of the big 5 Canadian banks. By the time she left the bank, she was a Financial Planner managing a portfolio of $100M.

While she enjoyed helping clients with crucial financial decisions, she was attracted to the emotional and complex topic of money. She pivoted into the world of Financial Therapy and started her company Holistic Optimal Wealth.

Through her work she aims to offer a safe space for people to explore their unique relationship with money in ways that offer them healing.

She thoughtfully addresses financial challenges, but her mission is to also attend to the emotional, psychological, behavioral, and relational hurdles that are intertwined.

Aseel speaks in various occasions to educate and inspire. She shared the stage with world speakers such as Brian Tracy, Robert Kiyosaki, and Evan CarMichael

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  Financial Hoarding
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  Financial Enabling
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  Financial Denial
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  Financial Infidelity
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